LETTER: Thanks owed and lessons learned

By Contributor
July 11th, 2015

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I just want to give a huge thanks to all those who played a part in allowing me and my family to keep Chumlee and Rosie. 

I first must thank my wonderful neighbours who signed my original petition that I submitted to city council and the creation of an online petition that was signed by almost 600 people within 24 hours.  The support you showed us was amazing. 

I would like to thank the various media and social network outlets that told our story which led to the overwhelming support of this wonderful community we call home. 

You all rock!

 I would like to thank Phil Markin (city director of development services) for spending a lot of time putting together a very in-depth report explaining our situation with the recommendation that our case be grandfathered. 

Finally, I want to thank City Council for the reconsideration. You all really should feel great about the decision you made, because you did a wonderful thing here. I want to thank you for showing good faith and standing by the initial bylaw officer’s communication with us, even though it turns out that the communication did not follow the bylaw.

People make mistakes.

What I have learned is that, if there truly has been an injustice done, the city will do its best to remedy the situation.  For the future, I know now to speak to an expert (who) can interpret the city by laws, because in this case my interpretation was wrong in thinking the bylaw only applied to a ban on pigs used for farming purposes within the city. 

In a world where more often than not we only hear about the terrible things happening to people this is a little slice of feel-good pie! 

To all of you from our family to yours…Thank You!


Andrea Lamont


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