Body of unidentified man recovered from Kettle River

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December 31st, 2015

Updated Jan. 1, 2016 12:48 p.m.

Nelson Search and Rescue was called out Dec 30th for an unknown male subject that was witnessed struggling for survival in the Kettle River ice just east of Grand Forks. Grand Forks Fire, Grand Forks SAR and RCMP were first on scene and called for the assistance of Nelson SAR who flew one special resource member to the scene and a swiftwater team followed to aid in the rescue.


Before special resources could arrive on scene to aid the unknown subject he was lost to the river. 


It is unknown how long the individual was in the ice before his calls for help were heard but it appears to be some time. The search for the man was called off after dark as the conditions were unsafe for rescuers to continue.


On the morning of the 31st further special resources from Nelson, Oliver / Osoyoos and Penticton SAR were brought in to aid in the search as well as the RCMP dive recovery team. Around 10:30 am the subject was located in the river by SAR ice rescue teams and the RCMP dive team was able to recover the subject. The subject and investigation has been turned over to the BC Coroners service. 


Travel on frozen ponds and lakes needs to be 4” or greater to support human loads safely, river ice can be very unpredictable due to moving water and melt/freeze cycles. It is never safe to walk on or near ramped river ice without training and proper equipment. Please pay close attention to children and pets near frozen rivers.

Media reports say RCMP dive team has recovered the body of a man who fell through ice into the Kettle River near Grand Forks Wednesday.

Nelson Search and Rescue manager Chris Armstrong told CBC News the body was recovered just after 10:40 a.m. PT.

Armstrong said rescuers had to clear ice away from where the man was last seen before an RCMP diver was able to locate the body at a depth of 5.6 meters below the surface.

Unidentified man falls through Kettle River

The Grand Forks RCMP and Grand Forks Fire Rescue have attended to the Kettle River area along Hwy 3 near Grand Forks following a report of a man falling through the ice.

At around 2:45 pm, on Wednesday Dec. 30, 2015, the Grand Forks RCMP, Grand Forks Fire Department and BC Ambulance Services received a report of a male falling through the ice on the Kettle River just east of Grand Forks. RCMP officers arrived on the scene and spotted the man through binoculars and observed the man in the water hanging on to the ice edge. RCMP officers were a distance away when they spotted him and were unable to reach him prior to the man losing his grip and going under. It is unclear why the man was out on the ice, with possible indications that the man may have been taking a short cut across the river.

The identity of the man is unknown at this time.  Cold water recovery trained Fire Department personnel are currently beginning a search for the man with additional resources from Nelson Search and Rescue being called out to assist.

The Grand Forks RCMP are unable at this time to provide details of the man’s description and his identity is unknown at this time.

Hwy. 3 was closed for several hours as rescue attempts continued. 

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