Selkirk Enactus Club embarks on community clean-up project in Castlegar

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By Castlegar Source
March 23rd, 2017

Selkirk College students are undertaking a community clean-up project through their Enactus Club, according to Enactus spokeswoman Ivy Chen.

Che said a group of students from the Enactus Club at Selkirk College will collect garbage from the roadsides leading to Selkirk College and the section of Highway 3A called ‘Airport Hill’.

So what is the Enactus Club, and why are they doing this?

“Enactus is a new club at Selkirk College,” Chen explained.  “Started in January of 2017, we are a non-profit student organization composed of students from all fields of study.  Our unifying passion is creating and implementing entrepreneurial community empowerment projects that address social, environmental, and economic problems.

“Believing that the first step to making the world a better place is taken in your own backyard, this roadside cleanup will be the first project undertaken by the Enactus Club at Selkirk College.  This is our opportunity to introduce ourselves to Castlegar.  While this is a modest one-day event, we look forward to learning more deeply about the people of Castlegar and its ecosystem. 

“We have a growing list of potential projects, but look forward to hearing directly from and working with people who live and work in the area.” 

Chen said there chose this particular event as a kick-off because melting snow in the springtime reveals garbage thrown onto the side of heavily- travelled roads.

“By initiating this clean-up event, we aim to protect local wildlife and the Columbia River, and to make our roads cleaner.”

The club will be collecting garbage along Highway 3A between the airport and Brilliant Bridge and also the two Selkirk access roads: Frank Beinder Way and Rosedale Road on April 1, starting at 10 a.m.

Enyone who would like to contact the club to participate or suggest new projects, or in any way work with Enactus, please contact the club president, Anmol Mishra at anmolmishra@edu.selkirk.ca, or by visiting our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/EnactusSelkirk/

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