UPDATED: Rural Grand Forks Declares State of Local Emergency

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May 8th, 2018

The Regional District of Kootenay Boundary Electoral Area D/Rural Grand Forks has declared a local state of emergency due to ongoing flooding in the Manly Meadows area and other areas in rural Grand Forks.

The RDKB said in a media release Tuesday evening, the State of Local Emergency will remain in place for seven days.

"A State of Local Emergency is declared by local government when an emergency — such as flooding in the Boundary —  requires coordination of rapid response or evacuation of people from their home or property to protect their health, safety or welfare or to limit property damage," the RDKB release said.

The RDKB said four properties (encompassing six homes) in the Manly Meadows area were ordered evacuated May 8. A further 190 properties in the Edwards/Gilpin, Johnson’s Flats, Almond Gardens, the Nursery and Darcy neighbourhoods have been on evacuation alert since May 7.

In the Westbridge to Beaverdell area, 47 properties have been on evacuation alert since May 7.

"Continuing expected warm weather and possible rain in the coming days means river will continue to rise until this week and possibly into the weekend," the RDKB said.

The following properties in Manly Meadows remain on Evacuation Alert:

  • 1110 Manly Meadows Road
  • 1210 Manly Meadows Road
  • 1215 Manly Meadows Road
  • 1285 Manly Meadows Road

Affected residents, including those staying with family or friends, should register as soon as possible at the Emergency Social Services (ESS) Reception Centre at:

  • Grands Forks Curling Centre
  • 7230 21st Street, Grand Forks, BC.

Call the Red Cross Disaster Call Centre at 1-888- 350-6070 if you are unable to physically check in at the reception centre, or if you need help with transportation.

Before you leave your residence:

  • Grab your prepared bags including essential items remember the 5P’s (People, Pets, Prescriptions, Papers and Photos)
  • Move pets and livestock to a safe area outside the evacuation order area
  • Lock your home and close all windows
  • If you are instructed to do so shut off water, gas, and electricity sources
  • Follow routes specified by emergency officials. Do not take short cuts as they could take you to a blocked or dangerous area
  •  If you have time, leave a note telling others when you left and where you went. If you have a mailbox you can leave the note there

The RDKB will continue to provide regular public updates in the coming days.

Evacuation alerts expanded in the Boundary 

The RDKB Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) has issued evacuation alerts for an additional 53 properties in the Grand Forks and rural Grand Forks areas. This brings the total to 241 properties on evacuation alert due to flooding or imminent flooding in the Boundary. No properties are currently on evacuation order. 

In the Grand Forks and rural Grand Forks areas, the most recent evacuation alerts have been issued for 29 properties in the Nursery and 24 properties in the Darcy area. A further 65 properties in Johnson Flats, 88 in the Edwards-Gilpin area and 91 in Almond Gardens were put on evacuation alert earlier in the day. Evacuation alerts have also been issued for 47 properties between Westbridge and Beaverdell. 

An evacuation alert means residents need to pack and be ready to leave immediately if flood conditions worsen and an evacuation order is required for public safety. During an evacuation alert, residents need to gather essential items, move important belongings to higher locations in their homes, arrange to move pets or livestock, arrange for alternate accommodation for themselves and designate a meeting place for family or others away from the evacuation area. 

In some cases, evacuation alerts or orders are issued if properties are at risk of being cut off from overland access due to flooding, even if the property or residence has not yet flooded. 

Waters continue to rise in the Kettle River, West Kettle River, the Granby River and Boundary Creek in the Boundary Region in southern British Columbia. Continuing forecasts for warm overnight temperatures and possible rain mean conditions are expected to worsen in the coming days. 

“We are expecting the warmest temperatures this week to arrive in the Boundary on Tuesday,” said Chris Marsh, EOC Director. “We also may get rain on Wednesday so waters are definitely going to continue to  rise rapidly until midweek at least, and we are stocking sand in 10 areas across the region and making sure local residents know where to get sandbags and connect with volunteers.” 

Empty sand bags and sand are available at locations across the Boundary. Residents who think they will be impacted by floodwater are advised to call 1(888)747-9119 or visit www.rdkb.com to find sandbag locations in their area as well as other information about river levels and emergency preparedness. 

The RDKB will continue to provide regular public updates in the coming days. 

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