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December 9th, 2020
  • The Community Wellness & Social Services Committee provided an update on the 75th Anniversary Community Committee kick-off meeting where the group brainstormed ideas on how and when the community would like to celebrate and discussed opportunities to partner. The City formally celebrates its 75th Anniversary on October 30, 2021; however, celebrations will occur throughout 2021. 
  • Council supported the staff recommendation to extend the 2020 water and sewer rates for the first quarter of 2021. The final decision on extending the 2020 rates will be considered for final adoption at the December 21, 2020 Regular Council Meeting.
  • All Councillors voted in favour of supporting Councillor Rye putting his name forward for a position as a Director of the Association of Kootenay Boundary Local Government (AKBLG) 2021 Executive.
  • Council reviewed Zoning Amendment Application R-5/20 – 1370 Forest Road – to construct a 598 square meter micro-cannabis cultivation facility on property zoned Light Industrial which is not currently a permitted use in this zone. Council gave the Zoning Amendment Application First Reading to allow:
  • the Zoning Amendment Bylaw 1341 to be referred to the Advisory Planning Commission for its review and recommendations to Council; and
  • staff to undertake the necessary notifications, referrals and scheduling of a Public Hearing to allow the public and developer to have a say on this topic.
  • The Manager of Planning, Development & Sustainability presented the City’s Development Ready! Initiative to improve the way the City provides services to developers. This included presentation of the proposed:
  • Planning and Development Procedures and Fees Bylaw No. 1336 which Council gave First, Second and Third Reading.
  • Business Licencing Bylaw No. 1337 was given first reading with a request from Council for a staff report to further consider busking on public and private property and short-term, mobile vendor licensing before the Bylaw is moved forward for the next reading at the December21, 2020 Regular Council Meeting.
  • Building Bylaw No. 1338 which Council gave First, Second and Third Reading.
  • Council adopted Policy 3-6, City of Castlegar Reserve and Surplus Policy which ensures the City is carefully managing its financial resources and is committed to long-term financial planning for infrastructure replacement and fluctuations in revenues.
  • The Director of Finance presented the 2021 Solid Waste and Recycling Regulations and Rates Amending Bylaw 1343 to set rates for the upcoming year. Council gave the Amending Bylaw First, Second and Third Readings and this topic will be considered for final adoption the December 21, 2020 Regular Council Meeting.
  • Council approved securing short-term borrowing from the Municipal Finance Authority for a new command vehicle which was previously approved in the Five-Year Capital Plan.
  • Council set the following schedule for Regular Council Meetings for 2021:

Monday, January 18

Monday, June 28

Monday, February 1

Monday, July 19

Tuesday, February 16

(Feb. 15 BC Family Day)

Monday, August 16


Monday, March 1


Tuesday, September 7

(Sept. 6 Labour Day)

Monday, March 15

Monday, September 20

Monday, March 29

Monday, October 4

Monday, April 19

Monday, October 18

Monday, May 3

Monday, November 1

Monday, May 17

Monday, November 15

Monday, June 14

Monday, December 6


Monday, December 20


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