Long serving Commissionaire celebrated for his dedicated service with the Mounties in the Kootenays

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March 16th, 2021

It is not every day a Detachment Commander has the honour of recognizing the long service of an employee. Last Friday Salmo RCMP Cpl. Darryl Orr had the pleasure of doing just that.

On March 5, 2021 Cpl. Darryl Orr presented Thomas Peter Robinson, a Commissionaire, with a special plaque recognizing 16 years of dedicated professional service to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in both Salmo and Nelson BC.

Over those many years of public service Thomas has served the local RCMP detachments in many capacities, including as the detachment cell block guard and even as a custodian. He is also celebrated for the variety of community work he performs in Salmo BC.

As a Commissionaire with Commissionaires BC, Thomas is set to receive his Long Service Medal award for his 17th year of completed service.

The Salmo RCMP family adores Thomas and is so pleased to have him on the team. It is so important to remember that it is not just the men and women in blue who serve and protect our community, its amazing individuals like Thomas who support the front line, and are an integral part of our service delivery to our clients in the communities we serve.

Thank-you Thomas for showing resilience despite a global pandemic, for serving your community, and for keeping your RCMP family safe.


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