Weekly Project Update: Columbia Avenue Redevelopment - Phase 2

City of Castlegar
By City of Castlegar
July 23rd, 2021

Last week Copcan reached a major milestone by completing the installation of all major underground utilities. They also completed an Allan Block wall on the north side, near 24th Street and the shallow utility ducting. Excavation of the road subgrade is 95 per cent complete and the 24th Street intersection will be excavated closer to the paving work. 

Next week. you will expect to see:

  • installation of irrigation sleeves;
  • preparation for sidewalks, curbs and gutters; and
  • construction of an Allan Block wall just north of 24th Street.


With construction progressing well, the contractor is changing traffic patterns as needed to keep traffic flowing and ensure their crews stay safe. Drivers may notice new signs which allow northbound traffic on 6th Avenue to turn left onto 22nd Street to get back onto Columbia Avenue. The traffic changes will be carefully monitored to ensure traffic control continues to work well with minimal delays for travellers.

Did you know?

The installation of all major underground utilities was a huge job – it included:

  • 1.9 km of storm main, including 16 manholes that would be 70 m tall (16 stories) if stacked on top of each other;
  • 1.6 km of water main, including 66 new water services to businesses and residences; and
  • Several kilometers of new conduit for telecommunication companies, electrical power, and future fibreoptic networks.

The old water and sewer mains were installed in the 1960s and were in poor condition and were too small. The new mains are larger, helping increase drinking water capacity and fire flows to current and future businesses and residences.

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