Castlegar artist to release album Aug. 20

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August 18th, 2021

or those who have an ear to spare, Fill your pockets with Caviar. We’re Leaving is a new album composed and recorded by Castlegar musician/nurse Ty Wright. As a guitarist, singer, songwriter, and actor, Ty has played in multiple bands and has performed in various theater productions, such as Rossland’s Gold Fever Follies (2013-2017), as well as “Chicago”(2014) and “Rock of Ages”(2017) by Black Productions. Now, after sitting on previously recorded material for more than half a decade, Ty is finally slated to release his new/old full-length album.

Fill your pockets with Caviar. We’re Leaving runs 49 minutes, and has 12 tracks that cover numerous topics. Personal tragedy, dancing, dogs, and the song writing process are just a few examples of the albums lyrical content. As the albums name implies, the album wasn’t taken entirely seriously, and features plenty of tidbits of humour scattered about. It is an eclectic mix of tunes that rotates through many genres, from ‘Easy Listening’, to ‘Metal’, to ‘Alternative Rock’, so there’s bound to be a song for everyone.

Of course, with a project such as this, Ty couldn’t have done it by himself. With the help of his buddy Brennan Whyte (drummer and producer), as well as a small crew of friends, the 12 songs were cobbled together in a homemade recording studio over the past six or seven years. While much of the material is previously unreleased, some of the tracks have been regularly played in his live sets since 2014. Over the past few years, Ty has been put on hiatus due to his career as a registered nurse, but now he has a small amount of time to dedicate to his music.

Fill Your Pockets With Caviar. We’re Leaving is set to be released on Aug. 20, 2021, on music downloading and streaming services, including iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify. While physical copies are not yet planned, Ty is hopeful that someday they will be put on physical media.

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