Weekly Project Update: Columbia Avenue Redevelopment - Phase 2

City of Castlegar
By City of Castlegar
September 2nd, 2021

Last week Copcan focused on raising the manhole and water valve covers before final paving. They also installed topsoil, Prairie Spire Ash, and Glenleven Linden trees, and lighting and irrigation for hanging flower baskets on the banner poles.  The contractor will be taking a break over the long weekend in anticipation of a busy next week.

Next week, you can expect to see:

  • Final paving work.
  • installation of traffic signs throughout the entire project; and
  • landscaping and irrigation work within the boulevards, including the installation of piping for sprinkler heads and planter boxes.

Final Paving

The project is ready to complete the final top lift paving. This will begin on September 7 and is anticipated to be complete on September 11. Paving will take place on Columbia Avenue from 21st to 24th Street and on 22nd and 23rd Streets from Columbia Avenue to 6th Avenue. Some work will be done at night to ensure high-quality pavement can be achieved while minimizing impacts to residents and businesses. The paving will be done with a continuous flow to minimize the noise in all locations.


As the project nears completion, we’re asking drivers to watch for changing traffic patterns. With the end of summer, traffic is increasing, and the contractor is working on solutions to keep traffic flowing and minimize delays. Please slow down! The speed limit in the construction zone on Columbia Avenue is 30 km/hr and kids are back to school next week.


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