Castlegar RCMP seeking Secret Santa

Castlegar Source
By Castlegar Source
December 22nd, 2021

The Castlegar RCMP is seeking to identify a Secret Santa who sent the RCMP an envelope of cash and a note.

On Dec. 20, a non-descript envelope with no return address arrived at the Castlegar RCMP Detachment. It contained an undisclosed amount of cash and instructions to disperse as the RCMP saw fit in the community.

While we greatly appreciate the sentiment, we cannot take or distribute the money and really wish to identify the Secret Santa so that we can return the money and they can decide how best the money should be distributed,” said Castlegar top cop RCMP SgtMonty Taylor.  “We are asking whomever sent the money, to come to the detachment and identify the monetary amount and denominations, so that it may be returned in time to make someone’s holiday season bright.

“If the money is not collected, it will be held for 90-days and then be released to the city as found property. At which point it will be up to the city to determine what best to do with the money, with a strong recommendation it go to a worthy cause.

 We hope the well meaning Secret Santa will come to pick the money up in time to be donated to a local community charity,” Tayor said. If you are the owner of the cash, you are asked to attend the detachment and identify it. And no, saying it’s Canadian with photos of the Queen or Sir. John A. McDonald on it, just won’t do.”

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