LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dangerous lies about renewables

January 17th, 2024

Dear editor,

Pro-oil politicians like Premiers Danielle Smith and Scott Moe are lying to Canadians about renewable energy and I’m sick of it.

The risk of losing power during a brutal cold snap like the one Alberta just had is terrifying. The province’s power grid struggled because extreme temperatures took out multiple gas generators, not because of renewables. Wind and solar actually helped Alberta make up the shortfall and avoid disaster.

Scientists have warned for decades that messing up our climate with fossil fuels would cause chaos – not just extreme heat, but extreme cold too. Canada is getting a taste of that right now, as we lurch from a unseasonably warm December into this record-breaking cold.

But doubling down on oil, gas, and coal is not the answer. Cheap, clean, renewable energy is the key to a better future. Our governments must ignore the fearmongering and accelerate the energy transition now.

Eric Faulks


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