DriveSmartBC: Five dollar head, five dollar helmet

By DriveSmartBC
June 23rd, 2024

The observation “five dollar head, five dollar helmet” was how one of my supervisors referred to motorcycle riders who wore beanie style helmets that would provide little or no protection in a crash.

Today, that observation could be extended to those who choose to ride a bicycle or an electric kick scooter with inadequate protection.

What would that say about the value of a head that was not protected at all?

Bicycle riders and operators of electric kick scooters are required to wear an approved bicycle helmet when they ride on a highway. If the rider is under 16 years of age, it is their parent’s responsibility to ensure a helmet is used.

Failing to protect one of your most valuable possessions could attract a $29 ticket.

Using an approved helmet that is properly fastened has been shown to prevent or reduce injury in a crash.

Unless you are exempt from wearing a bicycle helmet, think of it the same way you do your seat belt. That safety device has evolved from something few wanted to wear to a better than 95% wearing rate in B.C. today.

Too many rules in our society today? One should be able to choose to do what they want to, right?

To some extent you may be right, but if you expect society to look after you when you are injured in a cycling incident is it not reasonable to expect society to count on you to take steps to minimize the need for help from everyone else?

Attitudes can change if there is a good reason for the change. My head is worth more than $5 to me, so I choose to wear a helmet when I cycle.

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