Castlegar ATV rider airlifted to hospital

Castlegar Source
By Castlegar Source
June 25th, 2024

On June 23, just after 1 p.m., Castlegar RCMP were alerted to an SOS activation on a satellite GPS tracking device.  The location of the signal was the Sunshine Bay Forest Recreation Site past Deer Park West of Castlegar.  The GPS device had texting capabilities and the user of the device was able to advise emergency services that a single rider of an ATV had rolled their ATV and was injured.

Due to the remote location and terrain of the area, Castlegar Search and Rescue were activated.  Castlegar Search and Rescue travelled to the location via ground transportation while requesting the assistance of Nelson Search and Rescue to attend by helicopter.

Search and Rescue and police arrived to the location where the 65-year-old female was being provided First Aid by bystanders.  The female appeared to be suffering from extensive injuries and in a lot of pain.

The crash appeared to be a result of the ATV accidentally going off road down a 10 foot embankment and rolling, ejecting the driver, who was wearing a helmet.  The crash had been overhead by others in the area who, upon approaching, observed the injured female on the ground with the ATV nearby.  The area being remote and not having cellular coverage, someone in the area fortunately had a satellite GPS tracking device with SOS capabilities.  Not only were they able to request emergency services and provide their GPS location, with the texting capabilities of the device they were able to afford additional information while Search and Rescue were en route.

Search and Rescue secured the injured female and safely transported her to the nearby helicopter which was able to land a short distance away.  The female was airlifted to a nearby hospital and is expected to make a full recovery from her injuries.

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