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Enjoy Holiday Eating

This holiday season, start new traditions that honor the importance of the season as well the health and wellness of your family. Keep in mind that warm feelings, seasonal colours, smells and décor are what make holiday gatherings so special. Serve up an abundance of rich colours and flavours with a beautiful array of seasonal vegetable dishes. Vegetables and fruits are a welcome respite from the rich cheeses and meats that are the backbone of most holiday parties, and the cookies and other baked goods that adorn coffee tables at family gatherings.

Seniors' alert! Local housing forum needs your input

Do we need more seniors housing in Greater Trail and surrounding communities? If so, what kind of housing is needed and what is an affordable price? These are amongst the questions that are being asked by the Greater Trail Abbeyfield Society as it undertakes a feasibility study on developing additional affordable seniors housing units in Trail.

Misuse of blogs

 Yesterday, a blog was posted making unsubstantiated allegations against a local business. It is our policy to remove such postings. If, as readers, you see any comment or post you feel to be inappropriate, please contact the Telegraph as soon as possible and we'll deal with it right away.

Such incidents are part of the price we pay in order to have open community discourse and, thankfully, such incidents are rare.

A note to anyone contemplating a libellous statement: your identity is trackable in a legal situation.--ed


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