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by Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday May 06 2015

In my opinion, every NDP MP should be sending Justin Trudeau a Christmas card this year.

Not because they like or agree with him, but because I think he just unwittingly threw an election and drastically limited left wing vote-splitting, giving the Federal NDPs their first fighting chance at really taking the House of Commons.

by Alex Atamanenko MP on Thursday Apr 30 2015

In the last dozen years, eight out of nine commissions or citizen assemblies created by governments in Canada have not only advocated getting rid of our first-past-the-post (FPTP) electoral system but have recommended adopting MMP, or mixed-member-proportional representation.

by Contributor on Tuesday Apr 28 2015

In his media release on the recent federal budget, the Conservative candidate seems proud of his party’s “balanced” budget.  This budget was only balanced by raiding the EI fund (which belongs to the workers who paid dues into it) for $1.8 billion, taking $2 billion out of the $3-billion contingency fund (good fiscal managers should know that contingency funds are for year-end spending in extra

by Alex Atamanenko MP on Tuesday Apr 21 2015

Alex Atamanenko, MP says he is disappointed but not surprised by the Conservative Government’s continuing tax breaks for big corporations and Canada’s wealthiest few. 

by Contributor on Monday Apr 13 2015

Dear Editor,

I would like to urge all citizens of Canada and our local MP Alex Atamanenko,  to speak out against Bill C-51.

by Contributor on Thursday Apr 09 2015

It is with mixed feelings of gratitude and sorrow that we extend a heart-felt thank you to the brave individuals who responded to our house fire in Paterson on the evening of Tuesday, April 7, 2015

by Contributor on Tuesday Mar 24 2015

Dear Editor:

by Art Joyce on Saturday Mar 21 2015

“In a peaceful age I might have written ornate or merely descriptive books, and might have remained almost unaware of my political loyalties. As it is I have been forced into becoming a sort of pamphleteer.”—George Orwell, Why I Write, 1946

George Orwell warned of totalitarian states in his dystopic novel ‘1984.’ (Courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

by Contributor on Friday Mar 13 2015

This letter is in response to Jean H. Broeckx letter: What is the Delay in Investigation of Officer-Involved Shooting of Waylon Edey.

Let me first say that your letter was well written and I am by no means refuting any of your thoughts or questions. However, I am going to explain to you and all the readers why you haven’t heard from us, his family.