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by Letters to the ... on Tuesday May 29 2018

To The Editor:

We are in opposition to N.W. Mtn. Experience - File# 4405891 and Retallack - File# 4405893 proposed for the St. Mary Valley. Applications such as these are rushed through the system, with no careful consideration of the short or long term implications.

by The Narwhal on Tuesday May 29 2018

By Eric Swanson, for The Narwhal

You’ve seen them around. They used to look ridiculous, but now they’re starting to look kind of cool. Electric vehicles are getting better all the time and represent the mostly undisputed future of motorized transportation.

by Canadian Centre... on Tuesday May 29 2018

BC’s Oil and Gas Commission sat on a damaging audit for nearly four years that showed companies that drill and frack for natural gas repeatedly broke rules intended to protect threatened boreal caribou. 

The document, obtained by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA), underscores lax regulatory oversight of fossil fuel companies by the Commission (OGC). 

by Dick Cannings MP on Monday May 28 2018

After the 2015 federal election, most Canadians were happy about the prospects for positive electoral reform.  Both the Liberals and the NDP had campaigned on promises that first, there would be no more elections under the old first-past-the-post system, and second, that they would repeal the unfair aspects of the Conservative’s so-called “Fair Elections Act.”

by Michael Jessen on Sunday May 27 2018

Everyone must have two pockets, with a note in each pocket, so that he or she can reach into the one or the other, depending on the need.

by Letters to the ... on Saturday May 26 2018

To the Editor:

by Dermod Travis on Thursday May 24 2018

Lost in the threats and counter-threats over the Trans Mountain pipeline is news that B.C. Hydro will be cutting a cheque to Flatiron/Graham, principal contractors on the Lower Mainland Transmission Line, for approximately $100 million following a semi-successful arbitration, depending upon your perspective.

by Letters to the ... on Thursday May 24 2018

To The Editor:

by Letters to the ... on Wednesday May 23 2018

Do we invest in an upgraded Regional Community Complex?  Be clear,  I am not writing this to tell people how to vote – I am asking them to be informed voters.

by Contributor on Tuesday May 22 2018

By Ethan Linck, for High Country News (republished with permission)