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by Rob Leggett on Wednesday Nov 04 2009

To immunize or not to immunize?

That seems to be the question that keeps cropping up into every conversation that I have lately, and it's all thanks to the H1N1 scare.

As the wave of the H1N1 pandemic roots itself in Canada and vaccination clinics open their doors, the conspiracy theories around the vaccine vary from really wacky to absolutely frightening.

The vaccine will...

by Adrian Barnes on Thursday Oct 29 2009

Walking downtown during kiddie rush hour the other day, I heard some junior denizens of the Mountain Kingdom talking about Halloween. 'What are you going to be?' 'A princess. What about you?' 'A G.I. Joe' Hearing this, my heart wasn't gladdened, but, rather, saddened. What's happened to Halloween? In fact, what's happened to fear itself?

We live in a society that has become so fearful...

by Rob Leggett on Wednesday Oct 28 2009

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This December, representatives from around the world will be invading Copenhagen for the United Nations Conference on Climate Change and, much to the displeasure of MP Alex Atamanenko, Canada may be going without a plan for greenhouse gas reductions.

In a move that I consider...

by Rob Leggett on Thursday Oct 22 2009

I’m sure to receive at least a couple of accusations of being racist after writing this column, to which I would respond that I am not; However I am frustrated by what I believe are undeserved special rights the government is willing to grant Canadian native groups.

What brought me to pen this was an article I read about three Okanagan Nation Alliance chiefs that came to the...

by Adrian Barnes on Thursday Oct 15 2009

When the Nobel Peace prize was offered to rookie US president Barack Obama this past week, I just about lost it. I rarely go on facebook, but that morning I went on and vented my spleen to all six or seven of my online friends all of whom know and share my political views anyway. As I typed, all I could see was the videos I've seen about the suffering people of Gaza; all I could see was the...

by Contributor on Wednesday Oct 14 2009

MP Alex Atamanenko (BC Southern Interior) said he is pleased with federal Human Resources Minister Diane Finley’s statement Thursday that the government will finally agree to the amendments to Bill C-50 that the NDP has been calling for; namely,  to ensure long-tenured workers who applied for EI benefits as of January 4th, 2009 or later will qualify for extended benefits of up to 20 weeks....

by Rob Leggett on Wednesday Oct 14 2009

Kyra (the editor) has been hinting for awhile now that she would like to take on the topic of the HST, but in all honesty I have been putting it off because I felt uninformed and hadn’t really decided how I felt about it.

That was until recently, when I noticed ex-Premier Bill Vander Zalm was spearheading an anti-HST campaign. I won’t ever base my political opinion on a single...

by Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday Oct 07 2009

The first half of this he-said/she-said debate can be found in Rob Leggett's Right to the Point column, in the Op/Ed page of the Castlegar Source.

Rob and I have had some difficulty, lately, in finding an issue on which we passionately disagree. He solved that problem, however, with his most recent column on Winston...

by Rob Leggett on Wednesday Oct 07 2009

There has been a lot said about the polygamist Winston Blackmore and his little community of Bountiful, and I found myself questioning why Wally Oppal tried to prosecute him so vehemently. I often wonder if he acted with such passion because of his love for our laws and the justice system or because it contradicted some personal moral and/or religious beliefs.

If Mr. Blackmore’s...

by Rob Leggett on Tuesday Sep 29 2009

Imagine that a five-year-old comes inside from playing at the park across the street and complains that she does not feel well. The parents notice that she is running a slight fever, so they give her some medicine and put her to bed to rest.

Later that evening, when they check on her, she’s burning up and is struggling to breathe. Terrified, they try to wake her, but she can...


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