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by Teralee Trommeshauser on Tuesday Feb 01 2011

What do blueberries, Brazilian inspired underwear, and a couple butt-lifting exercises have in common? Absolutely nothing.

So moving on, we’ll start with the blueberries.

We know they’re good for us, we’ve heard all about it, I’m not going to go on about that. What I am going to go on about is how if you’re like me and live in an area that supplies some amazing spray-free and...
by Mona Mattei on Wednesday Jan 26 2011
The growing pressure to address environmental concerns in the Grand Forks area led city council to increase the mandate of their air quality committee to become the new environment committee tackling air, water and climate change.
Chaired by Councillor Chris Moslin, the new committee held its inaugural meeting last week. Twenty-one people came out to the meeting to participate in...
by Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday Jan 26 2011

Preventing crime by connecting with kids – that’s the baseline goal of a new RCMP-led initiative at work in Castlegar. Today saw one of the first meetings of a group of stakeholders engaged in the initiative, which labours under the weighty moniker Community Policing Education Continuum (CPEC).

Spearheaded by RCMP Cpl. Marty Kooiman, CPEC is designed to identify and fill...
by Contributor on Wednesday Jan 19 2011

An international coalition of environmental groups, represented by Ecojustice, has withdrawn in protest a complaint against Canada, a first in the history of NAFTA’s environmental watchdog. 

The complaint, made to the Commission on Environmental Cooperation (CEC) in 2006, alleged that the Canadian government failed to enforce laws to protect at least 197 at-risk species in Canada...

by Teralee Trommeshauser on Wednesday Jan 19 2011

I know I said my next post was going to be some reviews, but I haven’t quite had time to pull that one together, with all my fitness classes up and on the go now, and my experimentation in the kitchen being semi-out of control. The review post will come up soon, hopefully in the next week, but just to keep you interested, here’s some sneak peak information on what I’ll be covering.


by Contributor on Wednesday Jan 12 2011

Backcountry enthusiasts will now have access to better information for evaluating snow conditions and assessing avalanche risks, thanks to new avalanche awareness signage around the province.

Avalanche awareness signs targeting mountain snowmobilers have been posted at 23 key highway locations and most of the 85 managed snowmobile areas in the province. These signs advise sledders they...

by Teralee Trommeshauser on Wednesday Dec 29 2010

I took it upon myself to start a detox last week. Just a short one, three days. I know what you’re all thinking: A detox around Christmas? You’re nuts! But truthfully, I eat fairly healthy most of the time, and I’m not one to indulge on holiday treats regardless. I had high hopes. This would be easy! But as the first day was about half way done I remembered the gluten free pecan shortbread in...

by Kyra Hoggan on Wednesday Dec 15 2010

 The looming February deadline for the removal of Castlegar's ultrasound machine to Trail is no more ...and, in fact, never existed at all, according to Interior Health's Thalia Vesterback.

“That wasn't our intention at all,” Vesterback said. “I think we created some of that confusion by saying we were suspending the decision to move the machine at the same time we said we're losing...
by Nelson Daily Editor on Sunday Dec 05 2010

By Timothy Schafer, The Nelson Daily

Acute health care needs for people in the region will have to be addressed within the next three to six years as the requirement for a new regional hospital facility becomes imperative, warns a report from the regional district’s chief administrative officer.

Regional District of Central...

by Contributor on Thursday Nov 25 2010

The Ministry of Agriculture and Lands’ continued refusal to disclose sea lice infestation data could set a dangerous precedent for future public information requests, environmental groups argue in a submission filed today to B.C.’s information commissioner.

In March 2010, after six years of drawn-out proceedings, the commissioner ruled that the ministry could not conceal 2002-03 fish...


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