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by Nelson Daily Staff on Thursday Apr 22 2021

For the second time in less than a week, Nelson Fire Rescue & Services responded to a grass fire, this time one that was out of control and threatening a home on Granite Road.

Thursday, shortly before noon, Nelson Fire Rescue & Services firefighters attended the...

by Lone Sheep Publishing on Wednesday Apr 21 2021

According to the BC Centre of Disease Control weekly map detailing cases in specific areas of the province — April 11-17 — the Heritage City is the hotspot for COVID-19 cases in the Kootenay Boundary.

The BCCDC Geographic Distribution of COVID-19 by Local Health Area of Case Residence map shows Nelson topping the count for the past week with 20 cases.

The week prior,...

by Contributor on Wednesday Apr 21 2021

During the pandemic, many of us have spent several months at home.

To pass the time, we have started tackling projects that have been on our to-do lists for months, even years.

For me, that meant cleaning out our spare rooms, which led to unearthing a number of treasures, including a sweater I thought I’d given away. Pulling it out of the storage bin, memories (and the...

by Contributor on Wednesday Apr 21 2021
On Wednesday, April 14, the Ootischenia Community Society (OCS) organized a Community Street Clean-Up.
The call to clean up the local streets was heeded by several residents, meeting at the firehall where trash pickers, bags, and high visibility vests were provided.The volunteers then dispersed in small groups, each taking on a section...
by David Suzuki on Wednesday Apr 21 2021

As human activity continues to heat the planet and destroy wildlife habitat, plants and animals are responding based on their genetic makeup and ability to adapt to altered environments. Some are losing ground, landing on ever-growing species-at-risk lists or winking out altogether. Others are making gains, eking out their existence alongside us or even benefitting from habitat alteration we’...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Wednesday Apr 21 2021

Sunday's wild windstorm was not only a shock to the system for many homeowners dealing with downed trees or lighting candles due to power outages, but also to passengers and staff manning Kootenay Lake Ferry system.

"Yes, it was a wild ride," said a Kootenay...

by Lone Sheep Publishing on Tuesday Apr 20 2021

Given the current and predicted weather conditions within the Southeast Fire Centre said in a media release Tuesday, the BC Wildfire Service is encouraging members of the public and industry personnel to exercise caution when conducting any outdoor burning during periods of elevated winds.

The media release said weather forecast continues to call for a drying trend this week along with...

by Lone Sheep Publishing on Monday Apr 19 2021

BC Premier John Horgan announced Monday that regulations are being developed by the public safety minister that will restrict movement within the province, including non-essential travel of British Columbians outside their own health regions.

"If we can't do it without an order, we're prepared to bring an order in . . . non-essential travel should be confined to local travel only,"...

by Province of British Columbia on Monday Apr 19 2021

The B.C. government has introduced amendments to the Employment Standards Act that, if passed, will provide workers with up to three hours of paid leave to get each dose of their COVID-19 vaccine.

The amendments ensure no one will lose pay if they need time away from work to get vaccinated.

"We know that many workers can't afford to lose pay, and we need to make sure that it's as...

by Nelson Daily Staff on Sunday Apr 18 2021

Nelson Hydro said that Granite Road residents, near Georama Road, and Balfour Golf Course are the latest to see power restored as crews continue to repair lines following Sunday’s massive windstorm.

Nelson Hydro said the Balfour Golf Course will have power restored by 7 p.m. Tuesday while 20 customers along Granite Road west of Georama Road will be able to cook dinner after power...


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