United Way to sell city council

Castlegar Source
By Castlegar Source
July 15th, 2009

City council got ambushed at its own regular meeting Monday night, when a non-profit delegation asked for help and refused to take no for an answer.

Susan Olheiser and Rauni Naud told council the Castlegar United Way is trying a new approach for this year’s kick-off event.

“We’re hoping you’re going to be as excited about this as we are,” Naud said as she introduced the plan. “We want to sell you.”

Naud explained the scheduled event is a dance and celebrity auction, pointing out that mayor and council are arguably the city’s most recognizable celebrities, making their participation critical to the event’s success.

She explained the event is for a good cause, and the folks to be auctioned can choose what they offer bidders rather than being forced into unanticipated slave labour.

“Mountain FM, for example, will come to your (their purchaser’s) home and cook dinner,” Naud said. “You can rake lawns, if you want …you get to specify what service you offer.”

Redefining the word “relentless”, Naud ultimately left with a commitment from each councillor present and the mayor, after answering some concerned questions.

“Are you going to have a (minimum) bid, so we’re not being sold for, like, five bucks?” asked councillor Deb McIntosh. “There’s a pride thing here …”

The answer was “yes”, which inspired a return “yes” from McIntosh, who then allied with Naud to secure the support of the few remaining hold-outs.

The kick-off dance and celebrity auction will be held Sept. 12 at the Complex, with Playmore Junction providing the music.

The Castlegar United Way has been serving the community for more than 60 years, providing granting opportunities for local non-profits for projects specific to the needs of local residents. The organization was instrumental in bringing Success by 6 to the West Kootenay, and runs popular local events like the Hallowe’en for Kids, the United Way Talent Showcase and the annual Skate-a-thon. For more information, contact the United Way at 250-365-7331.

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