Illegal activity at skatepark

Castlegar Source
By Castlegar Source
July 22nd, 2009

The City of Castlegar is looking at ways to short-circuit illegal behaviour at the skateboard park beside the Complex, according to councillor Russ Hearne.
“There’s been some serious crimes happen there, along with general noise and nuisance problems in the late hours of the night,” Hearne said. “I’m hearing all kinds of rumours of illegal activities like underage drinking.”
He said he’s not targeting skateboarders, as the kids who use the park for its intended purpose aren’t generally doing so during the middle of the night.
The challenge, then, is finding a way to discourage late-night revelers while keeping the park accessible for the kids for whom it was built.
“Because it’s a recreation facility … we have options and there are things we’re looking at, from lighting and surveillance to stepping up RCMP patrols, that type of stuff.
“We’ve even talked about fencing the area.”
Hearne added the scope of the problem goes beyond the recreation complex itself, as the noise is disturbing both neighbouring residents and sleeping paramedics in the ambulance facility adjacent to the park.

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