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August 26th, 2009

Blueberry Creek Community School (BCCS) is embracing the start of the school year with a new brand and an invitation to families in the Castlegar and Trail area to join them in an Open House on Sept. 10.

“BCCS has been part of this community since 1916, but it’s only been since last year that we’ve been a designated community hub where early childhood development, child care and family programs are all housed in our facility,” said Susan Olheiser, coordinator for BCCS. “To celebrate this one-year anniversary and to kick off the new school year, we want to open our centre and invite families to come see what we’re about, what we have to offer and to come connect with the staff that work in the various programs.”

The open house will take place on Sept. 10,  from 3 to 7 p.m. to allow for families who have a full work-day to be able to partake as well. Families will be able to meet with the staff from various programs such as BCCS’s Blueberry Buds Daycare (ages three to five), Blueberry Patch After School Care, Play to Learn Preschool and the StrongStart B.C. program (drop-in parent and tot) and will be able to tour the facilities.

“Child care is a big concern for families in our region, but not a lot of families know that BCCS have quality care available at a very affordable price and that we are still accepting children, with no wait list, in some of our key programs – such as with our Blueberry Buds Daycare. This open house is an opportunity to give families the chance to come spend some time in our facilities and to get first-hand information from our early childhood educators and program staff on possible options in child care,” Olheiser said.

BCCS would also like to announce that it has just completed a rebranding exercise, now sporting a new look and a new tagline to better represent itself to the community.

“The board and staff are very excited to launch our new look,” said Olheiser. “We had a wonderful new designer, Angela Olsen, work with us this past summer to create a new brand that we feel captures who we are simply beautifully.”

The new logo depicts an adult and two smaller figurines in a blueberry-inspired colour, and sites BCCS’s newly-adopted tagline ‘Our Children. Our Communities. Our Future‘.

“During our rebranding exercise, it was determined that a large number of residents were still confused by who we were – many thought we were still a traditional school because of our history and our name. We feel our new tagline will help clarify this misunderstanding. We are proud of our long history as an educational facility and BCCS still holds many of the foundational goals it had as a school and we have a close relationship with School District 20, but we want residents to know that we are a community resource, not a typical school.” said Olheiser.

The BCCS mission is to provide quality educational, social, cultural and recreational opportunities to all children, their families and other residents of the Blueberry-and-area community. Our children. Our Communities. Our Future. Find out more about BCCS at www.blueberrycreekcommunityschool.org.

For more information contact, Olheiser at 250-365-7201 or email solheiser@sd20.bc.ca

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