OP-ED: Conservative candidate rebutts MP comments on federal election

By Contributor
September 9th, 2009

Today, Rob Zandee, Candidate of Record for the Conservative Party of Canada for the riding of British Columbia Southern Interior commented on a news story in the Castlegar Source entitled Local MP speaks to possible election.


“Today, the CMHC announced that new housing starts in Canada increased to 150,400 units in August, from 134,200 in July. These numbers indicate that our Economic Action Plan is working. While we are seeing light at the end of the tunnel, the recovery is still very tentative” said Zandee.


“While Jack Layton and the NDP are fixated on fighting an election, we are fixated on fighting the recession, not the recovery. We are engaged in finding long term economic solutions for troubled sectors.”


“I find it unbelievably hypocritical the that NDP talks about the government having to reach out to the opposition parties. They complain about a deficit due, in no small part, to the demands of the opposition and then they want to spend more. They then vote against the same spending measures that they wanted to see implemented. The NDP has voted against taking approximately 200,000 low income Canadians off of the tax rolls, they have voted against increased support for seniors and the unemployed. They have voted against tax reductions to small business, the core of the economy of the Southern Interior. The NDP have voted 79 times against every economic measure put forward, measures that have put money back into the pockets of working Canadians and the worst part is that Jack Layton is proud of this. This shows that it is they who are not reaching out and it is they who are clinging to their narrow, ideological, entitlement mindset,” said Zandee.


“We only have to look to France’s Finance Minister (Christine Lagarde) who – like many other Western political leaders – gushed with praise and envy for Canada’s economic stability at this past weekend’s G20 Finance Minister’s meeting: “I think … we can be inspired by … the Canadian situation. There were some people who said, ‘I want to be Canadian’.”


He went on to say, “Yesterday, the World Economic Forum once again confirmed Canada’s position as home to the world’s soundest banks – backing what we’ve been saying all along: Canada is a model for the rest of the world. It also ranked Canada as the 9th most competitive economy in the world – a big jump from 14th under the previous Liberal government in 2005.”


“We will continue with the economy and getting Canadians back to work as our number one priority” said Zandee. “If the opposition wants to have an election, they will have to answer to the Canadian people.”



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