City all wet ; tapping into potential awards

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
September 23rd, 2009

Never mind wine tasting – the City of Castlegar is getting ready to soak the competition in an interntaion water tasting competition this year.

Council heard, at its regular meeting Monday night, that the city will be entering the Berkley Springs Water Tasting Competition, held each year in West Virginia and featuring entries from around the globe.

“There are different categories – we’ll be entering for municipal tap water,” said councillor Kevin Chernoff, adding he expects to see waves of approval for the Castlegar wet stuff. “We expect to do very well with this.

“I think there are two benefits: first, it will show that our public works/water works staff are doing an exceptional job with our water and water quality. And we’re one of only a few municipalities drawing our water directly from the Columbia River, so this will provide an assurance that our water continues to meet and exceed quality thresholds.”

Finally, he said, it can’t hurt for the city to be recognized in an international venue like this one, adding to its cache as both a destination and an investment opportunity.

The judging, he said, is not until January, but with the flood of activity under way in the coming months, it made sense to get started on the entry now.

“I wanted to make sure it’s in the works, so we don’t miss application dates or deadlines.”

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