OP/ED: Global warming doctrine discredits global scientific community

Rob Leggett
By Rob Leggett
December 9th, 2009

What happens if top scientists in their field of study seem to be doctoring facts, colluding with one another to control the peer review process and evading legal requests for their underlying data? You get Climategate.

The name itself is absolutely ridiculous, but the actual story is very incriminating and saddening. I had written an earlier column stating that I disagreed with Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW) as truth and suggested that scientists needed to better review the data before crying the end is near. In fact, many scientists had already started doing this prior to Climategate, however to do so meant total isolation and ridicule from the scientific community.

In fact, the American and British scientists who control most of the UN’s climate reporting appear to be doing their best to gag those who were unconvinced of the man-made global warming theory by preventing them from publishing in journals that ask other scientists to scrutinize the credibility of articles in advance.

But I believe that the greatest travesty that has been committed here is the damage done to the scientific community as a whole.

Science has natural stop-checks in place to prevent bad science; there is the open sharing of information and the scrutiny of other scientists, sometimes hostile ones, in a peer review. However, because this process appears to have been hijacked by some overzealous scientists with messiah complexes, science itself will now have to defend every new theory it accepts.

All science will be viewed in the same light…as junk science!

Any quack or two-bit scientist will now be able to propose whatever inane evidence-debunking standard as accepted scientific fact, merely on the basis that they are being prevented from acceptance by a scientific conspiracy.

Why should we believe these quacks when they say they’re being persecuted by the larger scientific community? Remember Climategate … that’s why. It has happened before on a global scale, so it could be happening again now – that’s the argument they will henceforth always be able to make. No scientific theory or discovery will be safe.

This is very upsetting, since science at times could be wrong and with its stop-checks in place, mistakes and misapprehensions would be discovered and corrected, but now this process seems to have been manipulated and prevented from being able to perform as it should.

This amounts to nothing short of intellectual corruption … and the entire scientific community will appear to be guilty of it, whether each individual scientist actually is or not.

Some climate scientists seem to believe they are an elite group assigned with the most vital certainty ever discovered, and the fate of the planet lies firmly on their shoulders. So, it would seem, they deem it honorable to stitch together facts, embellish certitudes, stifle problematic information, and control the peer-review process to hold back academic opposition and – above all – pronounce the debate to be over. And now all scientist will pay for their mistakes.
Climategate, it seems, is not the fault of bad science, but bad scientists.


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