Province seeks sponsors for climate-change contest

By Contributor
December 16th, 2009

The following is a press release issued by the provincial government:

On Dec. 11, the province released a call for interest on BC Bid to explore sponsorship opportunities to support a contest to develop software applications targeting climate action and youth.

The contest will encourage web developers to design fun, dynamic and innovative software applications for the internet and mobile devices. The applications will use government data sources on climate change and greenhouse gas emissions. The contest’s goal will be to create a series of climate applications that link citizens to data on climate action in a way that is accessible, interesting and meaningful.

The purpose of the BC Bid posting is to determine interest in sponsoring the contest and provide interested parties with an opportunity to comment on their participation and level of sponsorship.

The province has created a data catalogue on climate change in preparation for this contest. The catalogue will include publicly-available greenhouse gas emissions data as well as data on the impacts of climate change around the province. A public data catalogue is an opportunity for government to
engage British Columbians and continue developing mechanisms for an open and transparent government.

The province is continuing to pursue its aggressive climate change agenda through public outreach activities such as this contest, as well as efforts in reaching a carbon neutral public service in 2010, creating 90 per cent of its energy production from clean sources and hosting the world’s greenest Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

Interested parties can go visit BC Bid for further details of the call for interest.

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