Rec commission tackles "Complex" planning

Castlegar Source
By Castlegar Source
December 16th, 2009

Recreation officials met last night to discuss the future of the Castlegar Complex, but city councillor Russ Hearne stressed the conversations are still just at the preliminary stages.

“The Complex was just assessed and rated as a remarkably-well-maintained structure,” he said. “But there’s a long wish-list of amenities and improvements people would like to see added to the facility.

“We need to improve the pool; make it more of an attraction with features like warmer water, especially in the tots pool, and maybe ozone treatment so you don’t come out of the water smelling of chlorine,” he said. “We’d like to add some fun feature like a lazy river or a waterslide to draw more users – but those are just ideas.

“There’s all kinds of brainstorming going on, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The seniors have said they need more space, we’d like to improve the fitness area, and then there’s the arena – the sound system needs work, and the seating … there’s just so much on the table, and we don’t even know yet how much any of it would cost or whether it’s feasible.

“We’re just at the idea stage, and it’ll be a months-long process to sift through all the ideas so we can come up with a realistic plan and make pragmatic choices that will serve the whole region.”

He said the ultimate fate of the Pioneer Arena was one of the only things not discussed since, until they have a better sense of what’s wanted and needed at the Complex, it’s tough to determine what a realistic game plan for the city’s other arena might be.

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