Doukhobor Discover Centre offers land for public to grow food

By Contributor
January 27th, 2010

Photo courtesy DDC: Netta Zeberoff looks over the mounds that still have remnants of last year’s harvest.

There is one thing in common with all species on Mother Earth – and that is food. People need good land to grow food in abundance – and thankfully there are those willing to share their piece of earth that would otherwise lay fallow.

Now is the time to think about what to plant for 2010. This is the time to look over the seed catalogue; make lists for ordering special seeds – sort seeds; consider what is new and what you might plant of the yearly Heritage varieties, those gathered and traded with neighbors. [Look out for a Heritage Seed Exchange Workshop to be announced soon].

Last year, land had been cultivated and improved by Nature’s Solutions, Phil Gale  and Caroline Chalmers. Fallow ground was broken and garden plots developed. This initial effort produced a substantial variety of vegetables last summer of various types, and now these plots are available for future development and use by the public. Some spaces are already taken, but there are many beds of enriched soil waiting for eager, nurturing hands to grow their own garden this coming spring.

If you would like to reserve such a space at the Doukhobor Discovery Center, where there is plenty of sunlight, water and positive ambiance, call Larry at 250-365-5327; or Netta at 250-365- 3512.

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