Pedestrian overpass for Highway 3?

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
February 3rd, 2010

Photo: city councillor Kevin Chernoff

A pedestrian/bicycle walkway over Highway 3 near the Kinnaird Bridge may be in the works as the city applies for a $150,000 federal grant to construct the project.
The walkway would consist of a 20th Street overpass across Highway 3 connecting the 6th Avenue and Connors Road bicycle routes.

The city needs to find a local partner organization to complete the application (partners can be non-profit or community organizations, businesses, industry, academic institutions, etc.) and then to provide volunteer hours during the construction itself, according to city councillor Kevin Chernoff.

He said this particular project was chosen because it stands out as a weak area in the city’s Bicycle/Pedestrian Master Plan, and because it was the best of available options.

“We looked at other potential projects in our Bicycle/Pedestrian Master Plan, but the cost (for most of them) was too high,” he said. “With the Celgar issue at work right now, it’s still a concern to spend anything more than we already have.”

“The walkway would be an add-on to the vehicular overpass that’s there already,”

Chernoff said, adding the project would mean safer, better mobility options for residents, while allowing locals to make more environmentally-conscious transportation decisions.

Chernoff said construction could begin as early as this spring, as a response to the application is expected as soon as March 15, and the work will take roughly four to six weeks.

The grant is part of Transportation Canada’s Moving on Sustainable Transportation (MOST) program.

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