Selkirk College Promotes Healthy Hearts at Work

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March 17th, 2010

First year Nursing student, Kayla Dixson, gains valuable experience during the Hearts at Work fair recently held at Walmart in Nelson.

The Nursing program at Selkirk College has partnered with Interior Health to promote wellness in the workplace.

Over the last few months, first and third year Nursing students and the Interior Health’s Chronic Disease Management Department have collaborated their efforts to empower employees of organizations to get healthy by holding on-site “Hearts at Work” fairs.

The fairs offered testing for high blood pressure and cholesterol and provided an overall heart health profile, body mass index, height, weight and consultation, which focuses on possibilities for next steps in terms of obtaining better health.

So far, fairs have been held for approximately 150 employees at the Government Building on the corner of Stanley and Victoria in Nelson, at Selkirk College’s Castlegar Campus and at Walmart in Nelson.

“This is an exciting event for associates,” says Walmart Store Manager, Raj Sabharwal. “It is a sure way to increase health awareness and encourage the well-being of our team.”

The Hearts at Work Program not only provides employees an opportunity to gain an understanding of where they are at health wise, but also gives an opportunity for first and third year Nursing students to gain valuable experience and connect with the community.

After a Hearts at Work fair has been completed, students go back to the organizations they have worked with to try and bring together health focused employee groups. It is hoped that the groups will spearhead health and wellness within their own organizations on an ongoing basis.

“We are hoping that each fair will act as a catalyst to get people interested in starting their own employee wellness groups on-site,” says Nursing Instructor, Randy Janzen. “It’s an excellent way to bring health into the workplace, ultimately encouraging a healthier, more engaged and productive work force.”

Opportunities to host a Heart at Work fair are still available. For more information, please call 1.888.953.1133, ext. 327, or contact the Community First Health Co-op at 250.352.1360.

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