Trowelex crime belies luck of the Irish

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By Castlegar Source
March 17th, 2010

Photo by Nick Chernoff: some of the chaos wrought by would-be burglars in a break-in on St. Patrick’s Day.

Trowelex may be the only company in local history to make money off a break-in.

The luck of the Irish is a double-sided coin for the folks at Trowelex – 17 minutes into St. Patrick’s Day, they received a call from the alarm company indicating there was a break-in in progress.

“I beat the police there – they were probably on the other end of town – and we saw the ladder where he (or she) climbed the fence – we thought we had him trapped,” said owner Nick Chernoff. “We were closing in …but he was gone …and there was no one there.

Chernoff said the intruder didn’t take anything, but left an unGodly mess to clean up in his wake.

“This break-in was similar to one several years ago, but, unlike last time, there was no cash to take,” he said. “It’s only a guess, but I think that made him angry, and that’s why he (or she) made such a mess of the place.”

The erstwhile burglers didn’t take anything – which is where the irony of the incident is driven home.

“Whoever it was climbed through a tiny window (about the size of a computer monitor),” Chernoff said. “When climbing through the window, money fell out of his pocket – change, you know – so if you don’t count the mess, we actually made $1.80 out of this.”

He also said police found myriad fingerprints and clues, which bodes well for catching the culprit.

“If they can match the prints somewhere – if he does something else, or if they already have his prints on file – then I guess they’ll catch him.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the loca RCMP detachment at 250-365-7721.

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