DDC gets warm and fuzzy exhibit item for grand opening

By Contributor
March 24th, 2010

The Doukhobor Discovery Centre has received a rare artifact, (modelled here by Alex Ewashen of Creston).

This is a rare sheepskin coat originally brought to Canada from Russia in 1899 by Vasilii Verigin, the great-grandfather of DDC curator Larry Ewashen.

It was stored in Mission by the curator’s aunt, Polly Vishloff, Vasillii’s grand daughter, who has now donated it to the DDC.

In the early days of settlement ,the Doukhobors were often referred to in the press as the best farmers in the world, who knew how to survive on the prairies, ‘those men in sheepskin coats’.

No doubt such coats aided their survival ability.

This rare artifact will be officially presented to the DDC at the season opening April 25.

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