Reduce your energy bill by 10 per cent AND get a $75 reward

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March 24th, 2010

Premier Gordon Campbell announced today that more than 210,000
British Columbians have joined BC Hydro’s Team Power Smart and made a
commitment to reduce their electricity consumption by 10 per cent.

BC Hydro launched a drive to recruit 210,000 members to Team Power Smart
before the close of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

“I want to congratulate those British Columbians who have made a personal
commitment to conservation and encourage those who haven’t to also join the
team,” said Campbell. “If these 210,000 team members reduce their
electricity use by 10 per cent, we would save enough power to supply about
8,300 homes for an entire year.”

Team Power Smart members create their own online conservation game plan and are equipped with information, tools and exclusive offers to help them
conserve. For example, members can track their consumption online and compare their progress to similar households.

In addition, team members get access to exclusive benefits and rewards
including rebates on energy-efficient products. Account holders who reduce by
10 per cent over a year also receive a $75 reward.

Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources Blair Lekstrom was drafted
to Team Power Smart last fall. “As a proud team member, I know how effective
conservation can be with Team Power Smart,” said Lekstrom. “Conservation will play a key role in meeting our future energy needs, and simple behavioural
changes can add up to make a difference. I invite all British Columbians to
join me on the team.”

Campbell signed on as a “general manager” of Team Power Smart in the fall of 2007. He was joined by “Team Captain” and NBA all-star Steve Nash.

Other conservation ambassadors and Team Power Smart members include Vancouver Canuck Ryan Kesler, actress Kristen Kreuk, local chef Vikram Vij and leaders from the business community like Sue Paish, Robert Fung and Tamara Vrooman.

To join Team Power Smart, visit www.bchydro.com.

Visit BC Hydro’s Media Centre at www.bchydro.com/media.

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