New amenities in Glade include boat launch

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April 12th, 2010

The construction of the Brilliant Expansion Project on the Kootenay River near Castlegar has left a legacy for local communities. The owners of the project, the Brilliant Expansion Power Corporation—a subsidiary of Columbia Power Corporation (CPC) and Columbia Basin Trust (CBT)—are pleased to announce the completion of construction of a boat launch, dock and interpretive area in the community of Glade, upstream of the project.
When community consultation for the Brilliant Expansion was carried out during the early stages of project development, Glade, Thrums and Shoreacres residents indicated the need for a new boat launch facility in the vicinity of their communities.   As compensation for fluctuating Kootenay River water levels during construction of the project, Brilliant Expansion Power Corporation identified suitable land in Glade, adjacent to the existing Glade ferry landing, and then spent the past three years constructing a boat launch and installing a new dock in the area known as Campbell’s Landing. 
During the summer and fall of 2009, Rob Girard, director of the Glade Recreation Commission, undertook additional work to enhance Campbell’s Landing by installing a picnic table donated by CPC and CBT, and a large timber frame kiosk. The recreation spot was recently completed with the mounting of interpretive signage designed by local artist George Koochin.

“Glade Recreation would like to thank CPC and CBT, especially Audrey Repin and her staff, for the incredible support throughout this project. The new boat launch and dock have made this stretch of river a very popular place, especially during the summer,” said Girard. “There is a new picnic table on the waterfront for everyone to enjoy and a large open-beam structure holding the interpretive sign that provides some history of the community and acknowledgement to those who built the first boat launch and dock. Now that this project is finished, it is one more thing the community can be proud of and a welcome addition to Glade’s one hundredth birthday celebration next year.”  
“We are thrilled that the boat launch facility has finally been completed and we know it will be put to good use,” said Audrey Repin, spokesperson for the Brilliant Expansion Power Corporation. “The people of Glade have been wonderful to work with during all phases of the project and we appreciate their patience while this project has been under development.”
Now that the boat launch facility is complete, the Regional District of Central Kootenay will take over its care and maintenance. “The Regional District of Central Kootenay is so pleased that Columbia Power and Columbia Basin Trust saw fit to transfer the land to the Regional District and to construct this much-needed facility in Glade,” said John Voykin, the Regional District’s Director of Area I. “It will now fall under the care and maintenance of the Recreation Commission and I’m sure it will be a very popular facility.”
To find out more information about the Brilliant Expansion Project or Columbia Power Corporation, please visit: www.columbiapower.org.  For information on Columbia Basin Trust, visit: www.cbt.org.

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