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May 5th, 2010

Some of the topics covered in an upcoming presentation might give the impression it is some kind of a self-help session: how to lose 60 percent of body weight in just three weeks; being a smart stay-at-home dad; the potential pitfalls of wearing baggy pants. When the focus (hummingbird migrations, slimy sculpins and Irish elk respectively) of these topics is revealed, however, it becomes clear that it is about nature not nurture.

Presented by the Fish & Wildlife Compensation Program, It’s a Wild Life is a far-ranging and fascinating look at how some animals and plants survive. The presentations, May 11 in Slocan Park and May 12 in Blueberry Creek, include some amazing photography to accompany the equally amazing survival tales. The Slocan Park presentation is part of a series coordinated by Slocan Valley Recreation.

“Typically our wildlife presentations focus on our work and are species specific,” said FWCP senior wildlife biologist, and co-presenter John Krebs. “This is a little different as we want to celebrate biodiversity and explore the ingenuity that some species, both locally and abroad, exhibit to survive.”

Although some of the topics may not sound pretty the presentation will, undoubtedly, be a hit for all ages. It explores the worst way to die (parasitoid wasp); extreme sibling rivalry (eating brothers and sisters alive); warning colours of deadly snakes and local lizards; and other biological oddballs such as flesh-eating plants, glowing mushrooms, and poisonous birds.

“We actually had a lot of fun researching these topics,” said joint presenter, wildlife biologist and local professional photographer, Jakob Dulisse. “So if you really want to know if anything smells a whale when it sinks to the bottom of the sea floor; why tailed frogs are living fossils and how baggy pants might potentially impact the long term survival of the human race, you’d better come along to find out.”

The May 11th presentation is at Slocan Park Hall is jointly hosted by the Slocan Regional District Recreational Commission. The session is free but please bring a food donation for the local food bank. The May 12th presentation, also free, will be held at Blueberry Creek Community School. Both sessions start at 7:00 p.m. and pre-registration is not required.

For more information about the sessions or the FWCP call 250-352-6874 or visit www.fwcp.ca. The FWCP works on behalf of its program partners BC Hydro, the Ministry of Environment and Fisheries & Oceans Canada to conserve and enhance fish & wildlife impacted by the construction of BC Hydro dams.

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