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May 15th, 2010

Selkirk College and the Kootenay Association of Science and Technology (KAST) in partnership with SNC Lavalin, were once again successful in linking students to businesses and government representatives—providing potential employment opportunities and an increased awareness of local environmental projects—through its Environmental Networking Seminar Luncheon series.

Three Environmental Networking Seminar Luncheons were held at the college from November 2009, to April 2010, presenting an opportunity for environmental engineers, technologists, biologists and interested students to network with one another and learn about interesting local projects. Guest speakers work in the Kootenays and usually are local consultants, government staff, or academics working on a project of interest to the wider community. The session starts off with a round table discussion, which includes lunch and is followed by a presentation.

Integrated Environmental Planning Technology (IEPT) faculty member, Rob Macrae, is thrilled to be a part of the luncheons. “These have provided fabulous learning experiences for people. The partnership with KAST is a perfect fit—one that is of great benefit to everyone, especially our students.”

Selkirk College’s IEPT program offers a two year diploma in environmental planning and technology with a Co-op employment option. It has four core disciplines: applied ecology and microbiology; environmental chemistry and hydrology; geographic information systems and land use and environmental planning. The program supports individuals seeking careers in areas such as environmental technology, planning, protection, restoration, education, sustainability and geomatics.

Past guest speakers for the luncheons included Senior Wildlife Biologist (BC Ministry of Environment) Garth Mowat, Grizzly Bear Biologist Michael Proctor and former Chair of the Columbia Basin Trust, Josh Smienk. Discussions ranged from informing participants on what the Columbia River Treat is and how it has impacted our region, to the future of water management and how to manage the rising and shrinking populations of wildlife in the area.

The next Environmental Networking Luncheon series is slated to begin in November,2010. Watch for information at www.selkirk.ca/about/events or subscribe to KAST’s newsletter for regular updates at www.kast.com .

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