RCMP: Tips for a safe summer season

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July 7th, 2010

 Make this summer a fun and safe one for you and your family by taking some precautions, as recommended by Castlegar Cpl. Debbie Postnikoff.

Don’t push your limits when playing in water:

Wear a personal flotation device. This is always a good idea for kids and adults alike. We have many rivers in our area that have been underestimated resulting in tragic outcomes.Remember alcohol and water don’t mix. Watch your speed. Don’t race to the lake, and don’t race on the lake. Speed is a major contributor to incidents on the roadways and on the water. Slow down.

Don’t get lost in the back country:

Don’t go alone, and if you travel to the back country go prepared. Have a return time planned, and let someone know ‘exactly’ where you are going. Take basic items with you even on a day trip just in case (map, compass, flashlight, matches,
first aid kit including a emergency blanket, and appropriate clothing are a must.)Bring along food and water. Know your limits and stay on the beaten path. Bring along a fully charged cell phone/GPS unit.

Don’t be a target of property crime:

Property left in driveways, carports, backyards, or out at your summer properties are prime targets for thieves. Items such as boat motors, boats and trailers, personal water craft (Jet Skis), dirt bikes,
motorbikes, scooters and ATVs should be stored and secured properly.

Don’t be a victim of vehicle theft:

Keep registrations papers with you and ensure your address even in the form of opened mail is not left in your vehicle. Never leave personal items including mobile phones, wallets, handbags or briefcases in sight and remove them from your vehicle when ever possible. Never leave your car running while it’s unattended – not even for a minute! Use an auto-theft prevention device whenever possible. A self-alarming electronic immobiliser is one of the most effective forms of car security you can get but a basic wheel locking device is also inexpensive and will help keep your vehicle secure.
Do your part in protecting yourself, your family, and your community:

Police intervention before things get out of control is always a better option. Contact the Castlegar Detachment or CRIMESTOPPERS at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) if:

  1. You have information on criminal activity while out enjoying the summer ;
  2. To report alcohol related disturbances;
  3. You spot an impaired driver. ( Watch for unreasonably fast or slow speeds, inconsistency in speeds, frequent lane changing, swerving when passing, ignoring traffic signals and signs, jerky starts and stops, driving at night without lights, approaching traffic signals and signs unreasonably fast or slow, sitting at stop signs for long periods of time, driving with the windows down in cold weather, driving with the head partly or completely out the window.

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