Cowboy death

P Kennedy
By P Kennedy
July 12th, 2010

Just to point out a couple of facts regarding this issue. First I am not sure about rodeos in B.C. but in Alberta any rodeo cannot run without a ambulance on location. I cover many rodeos and we have to always designate one for the event. If the ambulance leaves the event stops so why was the event allowed to run without a ambulance there. Also people have to be aware of what a paramedic is depending on where in canada you are. The reference to a paramedic in a small town in B.C is a basic level provider at a BLS level only A paramedic in Alberta is a term that can only be used by Advanced life care providers. Big difference. Also the hospital he was taken to was a medical clinic. This is a fact of life in small towns. It is sad that someone has died but it is also a reality when you do extreme sports this is a recognized risk.

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