Chase leads police/dogs to capture two robbery suspects

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
October 8th, 2010

 Two people have been arrested on multiple charges after a bizarre chase Wednesday.

Castlegar RCMP Sg.t Laurel Mathew said police received a call about “suspicious activity” in the Canadian Tire parking lot.   “Police were called when someone at Canadian Tire noticed people in a white cube van throwing items out of the van in the parking lot,” said Mathew, adding it’s still not clear what, exactly, the two were attenmpting to accomplish at the time. “When confronted, the suspects fled in the cube van.   “The van was located by police parked at the airport,” she continued. “The van was blocked in, and a search was conducted for the male and female who had been described by the caller.   “They ran behind and around the airport, zigging and zagging,” said Mathew, adding police K-9 units were assisting in the search at this point. “They (the suspects) obviously weren’t familiar with the area, because they ended up at the river, where it was either ford the river or wait for the dogs – there was nowhere else to go.”   Cory Ellis, 37, and Charlotte Gee, 26, both of the lower mainland area, are now facing numerous charges, including possession of stolen property over $5,000, several counts of possession of stolen property under $5,000, and possession of drugs. Ellis is also charged with driving while suspended.   “Investigation revealed that the cube van had been rented using stolen identification., (and) the licence plates on the vehicle had also been stolen from another vehicle,” Mathew added. “There were numerous stolen items located inside the cube van. Most of what we’ve been able to identify was stolen either from Nelson or Castlegar.”   She said most of the recovered property’s owners have been identified, however police still have several items whose owner is unknown, including: a Red “Hilti” bag full of various drywalling tools, all Hilti brand; a “Cougar” climbing belt, harness and ropes; and two laptop computers – a Panasonic toughbook and an H.P.   Anyone with information regarding to whom the property may belong, please contact the Castlegar RCMP detachment at 250-365-7721.   The investigation is ongoing.

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