BEAKS receives help winged help for winged wounded

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December 2nd, 2010

 This week Pacific Coastal Airlines (PCA) is lending a helping hand (or is it wing?) to an bird in need of special care.

Beaks (Bird Emergency and Kare Society) received a starving Western Grebe found by Ernie Millin in Trail last Friday. ”A young fellow had stopped his car, because (the Grebe) was sitting in the middle of the highway,” said Millin. “He had nudged it to the curb when I saw it. We didn’t know what was wrong with it.”

Carol Pettigrew, volunteer bird rehabilitator at Beaks, gave the Grebe emergency care. “But it needed water to swim in, because it’s a waterfowl, and we don’t have a pool. The best place for it is at a special centre on the Coast.”

So Pacific Coastal stepped up, to give the weakened bird a ride to Vancouver. “(The airline) is just super beyond super,” says Pettigrew.

“Ernie did the right thing, getting the bird to Beaks in Castlegar. That bird could have been hit by a car, or killed by a cat or dog. The world would be missing one beautiful bird right now.”

Beaks, the only wild bird rehabilitation centre in the Kootenays, has been operating since 1971. It became a charitable, non-profit organisation in 1998 and is recognised for its outstanding work saving the lives of birds and returning them to the wild.


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