Tommy's No Frills

By kbouf
July 10th, 2011

So I have visited Tommys No Frills Grocery a few times once a month maybe and would be hard pressed to go there unless I was in Castlegar. Even though some of the prices are lower – low price is not everything. Some prices are even higher than competing stores. But what it comes down to is customer service or lack there of at Tommy’s No Frills no service grocery store. I was there Saturday at 1700 and purchased close to 100.00 in groceries. The line I was in as well as the other 2 cashier lines was not busy. The cashier was less than friendly and did not smile at anyone except while she was talking to the other 2 cashiers doing absolutely nothing saying oh I feel sorry for you if it is this slow. Meanwhile we are trying to bag our groceries as she stood staring at us with an evil eye because we weren’t bagging fast enough. This is just totally ridiculous you think they would if they were doing nothing help a little. If you are standing there doing nothing there is no one behind us instead of talking to the other cashiers I think you could help. I have seen them pack for people they obviously know so be consistent. It still comes down to service – which is poor at Tommy’s No Frills and I will be even less likely to return there after the recent event.

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