Surveillance footage leads police to arrest of suspect in theft

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
September 22nd, 2011

 A Castlegar woman may have learned that picking pockets in an age of modern technology is a great way to get arrested, according to local RCMP.

Castlegar RCMP Cpl. Dan Pollock said police arrested a 32-year-old woman Sept. 16, in connection with a Sept. 8 incident.

““On Sept. 8, a (local) resident was ‘pick pocketed’ of $4,700 cash while shopping (here in town). The victim had the large sum of money in an envelope in her purse,” he said. “ She went to No Frills grocery store and did some grocery shopping. Shortly after leaving the store, she noticed her envelope of money had gone missing from her purse and reported it lost or stolen to the Castlegar RCMP.

“With the aid of No Frills and numerous surveillance cameras, the victim’s shopping day was back-tracked to reveal the theft. While in the grocery store the suspect waited for the victim to turn her head away from her purse which lay in her shopping cart. The suspect lifted the envelope of cash from the victim’s purse and continued shopping. The victim had no idea the theft even occurred.”  He added that, since last week’s arrest, the suspect has returned $2,000 of the stolen money .  “The Castlegar RCMP are requesting a charge of theft under $5,000,” he said In this case, he noted, the victim left her money visible, making her an attractive target for a theft like this.   “The Castlegar RCMP would like to remind the public to be diligent in hiding and securing valuables while in the public.”   

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