By Lori
November 10th, 2011

I am responding to a personal attack on my family written in the election coverage.

First of all I think that if one is going to write a letter one should not hide their name. If they are confident enough to write it in the first place what are they hiding???

My name is Lori Hoover and I am the proud mother of LeeAnn Zaitsoff!! My daughter has accomplished more in her 10 years than most adults.As a parent I am trying to teach her to be confident, kind and caring, Leeann has raised over 8500.oo for cancer, and has just taken interest in raising money for cops for kids, which she has raised approx. 1000.oo. LeeAnn raises the money by collecting pop cans, and instead of receiving gifts at her birthday parties she asks for donations instead ,and gives it to her charity.How many children out there are like this? I am going to be positive and say lots…. Leeann has been following the election since it came out in October, she has followed it in the castlegar news listened on the radio, and on face/book. Leeann is crushed to say the least, Kyra your paper published a letter about how ,I ,her mother told her what to do and what to say. This is so far from the truth, I simply asked her to sit down and wait till the adults went first, Leeann was angry because of this. Leeann felt that her question was very important, so I changed my mind and let her back in the line. I was never so proud of her, she was very confident looking and proud. Her question was directed at Deb macintosh, the question Leeann was asking had been asked before to councilor Deb before, which she stated that evening, but everything was twisted around to be about her dad….You were there why did you not ask Leeann personally,get your facts straight .We as parents encourage our kids to be involved,Gord does not need to use his daughter, his voice is strong and loud. To me you are the ones that are using my daughter just to get back at Gord or to put him down. Is this council that worried that they have to stoop this low and use my 10 year old as the big news of the day,shame on you. Kyra I also emailed you another letter I hope you put that one in your next edition as it is written ,not your version.also to the “watcher”I am willing to meet with you with my daughter so you can explain to us as to why wrote this letter, You owe her that much, and she can tell you how she feels about this issue.

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