Weekend incidents imply cops/booze/cars not a good mixture

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
February 24th, 2012

Two incidents in Castlegar this weekend would seem to incidate that alcohol is not the ideal lubricant when developing a relationship with police, especially if you’re operating a motor vehicle.

The first incident, according to Castlegar RCMP Cpl. Deb Postnikoff, began Friday evening, during a snow storm that left limited visibility on local highways.

“Just after 11 p.m., police were dispatched to a single vehicle accident on Hwy 3A by the dam,” Postnikoff said. “It looks like she (a motorist) was too far to the right, then over-corrected to the left, crossed oncoming traffic, hit a boulder and bounced off it, coming to rest at the bottom of a roughly 50- to 60-foot embankment.”

Responders included the BC Ambulance Service, the RCMP and the Castlegar and Tarrys Fire Departments.

Female officers hollered down the bank, advising the female driver to remain still rather than potentially aggravate her injuries further (police witnessed blood on the woman’s face), but she declined to follow said advice and crawled from the car, then about a quarter of the way up a very steep, rocky embankment, according to Postnikoff.

“She refused the assistance of female paramedics and RCMP members,” Postnikoff added. “She was adamant that she wanted to be rescued by a male firefighter.”

In the event, the embankment was too steep to allow for a traditional rescue, forcing what’s called a “rope embankment rescue”. The woman was thus lifted to safety and transported to hospital, and treated for non-life-threatening injuries.

“We can say at this time that alcohol was a contributing factor to the collision,” said Postnikoff.

Police are now investigating the possibility of impaired driving charges.

Saturday offered more vehicle+alcohol hijinks, with a call coming in at just after 7 p.m.

“Police were dispatched to deal with a male who appeared to be passed out in his vehicle, blocking someone’s driveway along Highway 3A in Thrums,” Postnikoff said. “Police attended and awoke the male, who was subsequently uncooperative, and arguably belligerent, with police.” 

A second member was called to back up the original officer in affecting the arrest, for impaired care and control of a motor vehicle, and the man was brought to the Castlegar RCMP detachment, where a search revealed what appeared to be cannabis oil on the man’s person.

“Police are recommending charges against a 45-year-old Castlegar male for impaired care and control, refusal to provide samples, and possession of a controled substance,” Postnikoff concluded.

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