BC Hydro offers update on Hugh Keenleyside Dam upgrades

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May 2nd, 2012

Last month, low-level outlet gate five was removed from the dam for refurbishment. This process will take approximately three months and entails removing, inspecting and either replacing or refurbishing all of the parts; removing the existing seals; inspecting all existing welds; recoating the gate; installing the new seals; and inspecting and repairing the gate guides and other supporting equipment. Once this work is complete, the gate will be reinstalled and tested before it is returned to operation.

Economic Benefits for the Local Community

This project brings significant benefits to the local community. An estimated $115,000 per month is spent locally in support of the work on this project, including the purchase of local project supplies and services whenever possible. This includes machining works and the fabrication of tools, office supplies, accommodations, equipment rentals, safety and environmental protection equipment and services.

Road Closure Extension

Please be advised that the road over the dam will be closed until  Sept. 19 as the road runs through the project work site area and we must ensure the safety of the public, employees and contractors. During this time, the roadway will be unsafe for travel as road covers must be removed in order to access the gates and gate equipment in the dam, crews will be working on and above the roadway, construction material will be stored on the roadway, and heavy equipment will be in use.

Extended road closures are anticipated beyond September 2012. At this time, the project schedule beyond September 2012 has not been finalized. Schedule details will be provided in future communications.

Please note that as always during road closures we will continue to open the road to the public when it is safe to do so.Access to the Navigational Lock will remain open through the south entrance.

Additional Planned Work

In addition to this project work, we are also conducting preventative maintenance work on the spillway gates. This work, which includes mechanical, electrical and civil inspections, ensures that we are able to identify and correct any potential issues in a timely manner.

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