Castlegar emerging from record-breaking soaker, but issues remain

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
July 5th, 2012

Photo: Castlegar teen Ian McMahon takes a break from wading through Millennium Park Thursday.

The torrential rainfall appears to be a phenomenon of the past, but the City of Castlegar will be a while drying out, according to director of Transportation and Civic works Chris Barlow.

Millennium and Zuckerberg Parks remain closed and flooded (Millennium lights have been turned off to prevent electrical problems), and Kinsman Water Park remains closed due to storm-caused destruction of electrical control component, but could be open as soon as Saturday.

“The city is monitoring North (sewage) lagoons by Waldie Island Trail,” Barlow added. “The flood waters are at the toe of the lagoon berms, but the water seems to be holding steady. We’re looking now for signs of soil saturation.”

He said he has been in contact with BC Hydro regarding water releases from Hugh Keenleyside Dam, as has Mayor Lawrence Chernoff, and the releases have not caused any problems.

“No doubt, there will maintenance issues to undertake – the severity of damage won’t be clear until the floodwaters recede,” he said.

He also credited city staff for the minimal damage the city will be having to face in the days and weeks to come, especially given the lack of damage to city thoroughfares.

“The city as a whole has been fortunate,” he said. “Staff were very dilligent in monitoring creek and storm inlet structures, which may have played a significant part in the limited damage.”

He also said crews really stepped up in terms of being out and available, providing sandbags and helping whereever possible.

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