LETTER: Council has it right, chickens should not rule Castlegar's roost

By Contributor
July 5th, 2012


Lets just get down to the brass tacks, the council made their decision on chickens within city limits. Some of you may not have liked the way the decision was reached, but so be it; Things don’t always go your way and life surely isn’t fair.

The mayor and council are elected by the citizens to make decisions with regard to the community, are they not? Personally, I cannot believe council has wasted the time they already have on this; Are there not ‘bigger fish’ to fry?

This has nothing to do with and can hardly be compared to domesticated animals and the cons far outweigh the pros. From increased predators, noise, smell, and regulating costs to decreased property values and everything in-between, this is just a bad, bad idea!

As a young adult moving back to the community, purchasing a home, and setting up roots, I want my property value to increase and I want the real estate market to flourish.  This could potentially lead to more young families moving into and contributing to our community. This may mean less empty storefronts, existing businesses doing well instead of struggling, more jobs, and less unemployment. The list could go on and on, but one thing’s for sure, chickens are not the answer to the aforementioned nor should they take precedence over the more pressing issues our community continually faces. 

My feathers are ruffled too … I really hope the council sticks to their guns on this decision, I pray they use their time more wisely and I trust they have a firm grasp on their priorities going forward.



Larissa Leason


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