Complex expansion once more up for discussion

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
October 4th, 2012

The issue of Recreation Complex expansion is once more becoming one for public debate, as user numbers increase and the demand for more equipment and space becomes increasingly urgent, according to city councillor Kevin Chernoff.

This, roughly two years after a referendum regarding a $25-million Complex expansion project showed residents firmly against any such expenditure.

“The proposed expansion included everything within one nutshell (seniors’ centre, weight room, pool), and obviously there was no appetite for a project of that scope,” Chernoff said. “I think we’re going to deal with each of the issues and service areas individually, now.”
Currently one the table is a need to expanded space and equipment for the weight training room, which Chernoff said is seeing an influx of new users, and which is one of the best revenue generators at the Complex on a square-foot basis.

“I think we’d need to double the space – but this is very preliminary discussion,” he said, adding the issue was only just raised at the recreation commission meeting Sept. 19. “Staff will be making inquiries with people who do this kind of work so we can start determining the kind of cost we might be looking at.”

He said he can’t say for sure, at this point, what kind of public consultation process will be implemented when more details and a potential plan are in place – but he said is certain there will be some sort of public discussion.

“There’s no desire to ram anything through, we want something people are happy with,” he said. In the meantime, he said residents can reasonably expect the issue to come before the recreation commission again soon, as staff examine options and put forward recommendations.


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