Councillor gets answers for 'Million-Dollar Alley'

Kyra Hoggan
By Kyra Hoggan
December 21st, 2012

Two representatives from the Ministry of Transportation (MoT) were in town yesterday to discuss ongoing concerns over a stretch of Highway 22 dubbed ‘Million-Dollar Alley’ because of the many accidents that have historically taken place there.

The MoT recently completed an almost-$2-million Series of improvements to the intersection of Minto Road and Columbia Avenue (right in front of Trowelex and The Brick) after years of complaints from the city, but Trowelex owner and city councillor Kevin Chernoff said concerns remain, which is why he set up the meeting.

“They came and listened to my concerns, one of which is the signage, which needs to be a little clearer than it is,” Chernoff said, adding a local driver provided ample illustration of the issue about 15 minutes before the representatives arrived. “Someone had actually driven right up and over one of those medians – you can’t see them under the snow.

“I did see crews out there today installing those reflective, orange-and-black crosshatch signs on the barricades – whether that was already planned, or because of our conversation the day before, I can’t say.”

Chernoff said another concern is that there is confusion surrounding the Blueberry merge lane onto Hwy 22, as well as right-of-way confusion when exiting Minto Road onto Hwy 22, or exiting Hwy 22 onto Minto Road.

“People have been driving these roads for decades, and it think that makes it harder to understand the new traffic pattern clearly,” he said. “The whole point was to make this area safer, so it needs to be clear.”

He said no promises were made in the meeting, but he’s optimistic about its outcome.

“They definitely said they would take back the points I raised for examination,” he said. “I hope to hear back from them early in the New Year.”

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