LETTER: Saying good-bye to Mr. Rigby

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February 21st, 2013

Ed. Note: The following letter is a tribute to Twin Rivers teacher Brian Rigby, who died of a heart attack at the school on Feb. 12.

Dear Editor,


My name is Terry, I am Ethan Wiebe’s Stepmom.

I wanted you to know that I went to Brian Rigby’s Celebration of Life at the Nelson Covenant Church. There were so many people there, standing room only. The music was inspiring and performed so beautifully.

The people who stood up to say a word about Brian all said that he was a
great man, that he was strong in his faith and that all he ever wanted was
for his family to be safe and happy. He was very involved in the Teacher’s
Federation and the Teacher’s Union and will be missed by all who knew him.

I met Brian last September at Twin River’s Elementary School. He was
Ethan’s Teacher in his Grade 4/5 split classroom. He always took the time to talk to me about Ethan’s progress or anything else he could help me with. He told me that he was so glad I was in Ethan’s life and was willing to help me help Ethan with his studies. He gave me the time I needed to understand what I needed to do for Ethan. I am very greatful to Brian, as he taught me how to reach out to my Stepson…someone whom I love very, very much.

Ethan was devestated when Brian died. I knew he was frustrated and unhappy with the fact that he was having to deal with different teachers as a search was on for someone to take over Brian’s class. When I dropped him off (the day of the celebration of life), he knew where I was going and he understood that Brian is with God now.

Life is so incredibly short, isn’t it? Brian made a difference in many
people’s lives. We all can make a difference in this world in such a very
simple way. I know that I will make a difference in Ethan’s life – Brian
Rigby showed me how.

Rest in Peace Brian and God Bless

Terry Wiebe

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